An atrium gantry is a motorised working platform which is used to provide safe access to the underside of roof surfaces which would otherwise be extremely difficult or impossible to safely reach.

Building Cleaning and Maintenance 

Gantries are generally used for maintenance and/or cleaning within the eaves of a building and in many cases to clean glass ceilings. Using a Mobile Elevated Work Platform can be awkward and prove difficult to use, due to limited space and also with many buildings being frequented by workers or members of the public making an atrium gantry the perfect solution for building cleaning and maintenance.

Designed to be Discreet

Our gantries are designed to move effortlessly along a track system at the push of a button, making access to the whole roof area effortless. All gantries can be specifically designed to blend in with their surroundings, ensuring a discreet solution where building aesthetics are important.

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Why use Atrium Gantries?

Powered Access Systems

Our systems operate at the push of a button and manoeuvre effortlessly, creating easy access to the whole of the roof.

Zero Disruption

An atrium gantry eliminates the need for a mobile elevated work platform, resulting in zero disruption to workers and members of the public.

Discreet Solution

Our atrium gantries are designed to be discreet and blend in with their surroundings.

A few examples of atrium gantry in use

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