Lightning Protection Testing and Certification

Skyway Provides Lightning Protection Equipment Inspection & Certification

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Lightning Protection Testing and Certification

Did you know that it is a legal requirement to ensure that the testing of your lightning protection is carried out on a regular basis?  The regularity of testing depends on the type of lightning protection system which is installed.

Skyway perform Inspections & provide Certification on Lightning Protection Equipment throughout the whole of Ireland.

Testing of a Lightning Protection System on your building comprises of:

  • Performing random continuity tests
  • Conducting earth resistance test of the earth-termination system
  • The resistance to earth of each local earth electrode and, where practical, the resistance to earth of the complete earth-termination system
  • Adhering to the BS EN 62305: Protection Against Lightning

Lightning Protection System: What you need to know

  • Buildings are choc a bloc with routes for lightning to travel through to the ground.
  • During a strike, the lightning forks will spread out and travel in different directions using these routes.
  • Lightning can jump from one route of travel to another, which is known as a side flash.
  • It can pass through anything which has the potential to be damp, including soil and concrete.
  • A Lightning Protection System limits the damage which can be inflicted by directing the strike to the ground by way of a low-resistance route.

Lightning Protection Equipment Inspection & Certification : The importance of it

Lightning can cause extensive damage to a property in the blink of an eye.  Obviously the most important and most serious consequence of a strike is the serious injury it can inflict on anyone in its path, which can include serious burns, or worse still, death.   But assuming everyone is lucky enough to remain unhurt, the building may not be so lucky.

Serious fire damage can be inflicted by a strike.  There are many flammable materials used in the construction of a building, which can easily ignite and spread to the rest of the premises.  Another way which a building can be seriously damaged is by the shock waves of a strike.  It is these shock waves which cause the noise of thunder which we can hear during a storm.  A close contact strike can cause shock waves which can penetrate stone or concrete blocks.

Electrical damage is the third way in which a lightning strike can seriously damage a property.  In this case, the  electrical system will experience power surge damage, along with any electronics connected.

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