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Safe Access Equipment Recertification

Safe access equipment must be annually recertified under the Safety, Health and Welfare Act at Work Regulations 2007 Part 4: Work at Height.

At Skyway we provide inspection, recertification and maintenance to ensure your safety systems remain compliant with the latest safety standards. Call us to discuss your recertification requirements. 

Does Recertification apply to you?

The work at height Regulations apply to all work at height where there is a risk of a fall that could cause personal injury. They place duties on both employers and the self-employed.

Regulation 119 sets down the requirements for the inspection of work at height work equipment

Our Facilities Services Department provides annual and 6-monthly recertification for safety systems throughout Ireland.  Our qualified engineers recertify and provide testing of all types of fall prevention and safe access systems.

Recertification is required under Regulation 119

Work equipment exposed to conditions causing deterioration that is liable to result in danger must be inspected at regular intervals and also where any exceptional circumstances have occurred that are liable to jeopardise its safety. These inspections are important in ensuring that the equipment can continue to be used safely and that any deterioration is detected and remedied before it results in unacceptable risks.

A competent person should determine the nature, frequency and extent of any inspection, taking account of such factors as the type of equipment, how and where it is used and the likelihood of deterioration. Periods between inspections should be chosen on the basis of risk assessment and should be reviewed in the light of experience.

Recertificaiton Timeline

Examples of what needs to be inspected, and when

System/EquipmentInspection Regime

Fall arrest cable system

BMUs and Suspended access equipmentAnnually
(Load testing)
Abseiling equipmentEvery 6 months
Personal Fall Prevention Equipment (PFPE)Every 6 months
(Inspected & recertified))
Building Maintenance Units (BMUs)Every 6 months
(Visual inspection)

Why us for your Recertification & Maintenance?

Our Facilities Services department is dedicated to the recertification and maintenance of all safety at height systems and is one of the finest in the whole of Ireland.

All inspections and repairs are carried out by our qualified and competent engineers, who will ensure that the system is recertified, fit for purpose, fully compliant and safe to use.


Our Recertification Service Includes

  • Recertification of all types of fall arrest systems including roof cables
  • Inspection and certification of safe access equipment including step-overs, platforms and walkways
  • Recertification of collective protection such as rooftop guardrail
  • Testing and recertification of eyebolts and portable anchors
  • Maintenance and recertification of suspended access equipment
  • Maintenance and certification of lifting and handling equipment
  • Pull tests on abseiling tracks
  • Testing of lightning protection equipment
  • BMU electrical inspection


Professional testing and recertification for Ireland's safe access systems

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