Rooftop Safety Lifeline System

Cable based fall restraint and fall arrest solutions

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KeeLine Cable Based Safety Lifeline System

KeeLine safety lifeline system can be used as a fall restraint and fall arrest safety solution and designed specifically for your working environment. When collective protection is not possible, or a virtually invisible solutions is needed, our wire based system is ideal for hands free working at height.

What is a safety lifeline system?

KeeLine horizontal lifeline is a wire based fall protection cable system that is installed parallel to a fall hazard. Users are connected to the system via a lanyard and harness and are able to move freely around the roof surface.

Our cable system comprises 8mm grade 316 stainless steel wire and allows spans up to 12m between posts and is suitable for up to 3 users.



Protecting our workers

The KeeLine safety lifeline system has been developed to allow safe access to a roof for maintenance and inspection workers.

The system features PAS (Progressive Absorbing System). If a user falls, the shock absorbers, intermediate brackets and support posts deploy and deform, reducing the load impact to the building’s structure to below 10Kn.


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Why Use KeeLine Personal Protection?

Continuous Protection

Workers are attached to the system at all times and have continuous ‘hands free’ protection

In-House Design

Customer solutions designed in-house to suit specific roof types and layouts

Approved Compliance

KeeLine is full tested and complies with EN 795:2012

60 Second Overview of the KeeLine Safety Lifeline System

A few examples of how KeeLine can be used

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KeeLine Engineered Lifeline Brochure

KeeLine wire based lifeline system provides fall arrest or restraint protection when working at height.

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KeeLine FAQs:

  1. Q: What is a mansafe system?
    A: A mansafe system, also known as a personal fall protection system, is a safety solution designed to protect workers operating at height. The KeeLine horizontal lifeline is an example of a mansafe system that allows users to connect via a lanyard and harness, providing continuous protection while moving along the roof surface.
  2. Q: How does the KeeLine mansafe system prevent falls?
    A: The KeeLine mansafe system features a Progressive Absorbing System (PAS). In the event of a fall, the shock absorbers, intermediate brackets, and support posts deploy and deform, reducing the load impact on the building’s structure to less than 10kN. This ensures the safety of the worker and minimises potential damage to the building.
  3. Q: What are the key components of the KeeLine mansafe system?
    A: The KeeLine mansafe system comprises an 8mm grade 316 stainless steel wire, posts, and various brackets. The wire allows spans of up to 12m between posts and can accommodate up to three users simultaneously. The system also includes a traveller, which enables users to move freely along the lifeline without detaching from the system.
  4. Q: Can the KeeLine mansafe system be customised to suit specific roof types?
    A: Yes, the KeeLine mansafe system can be tailored to various roof types and layouts. Skyway’s in-house design team can create custom solutions to ensure the system is compatible with standing seam, membrane, metal profile, and other roof surfaces. The system can also be mounted directly on concrete, steel, brick, or stonework, making it highly adaptable.
  5. Q: Is the KeeLine mansafe system compliant with safety regulations?
    A: The KeeLine mansafe system has been thoroughly tested and complies with EN 795:2012, CEN TS 16415:2013, ANSI Z359, and CSA Z259. These certifications ensure that the system meets the highest safety standards and provides reliable protection for workers operating at height.
  6. Q: What are the benefits of using a mansafe system like KeeLine?
    A: The KeeLine mansafe system offers several advantages, including continuous hands-free protection for workers, customisable designs to suit specific roof types and layouts, and compliance with international safety standards. By using a mansafe system, workers can safely access and navigate roof surfaces, minimising the risk of falls and ensuring a secure working environment.