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Rooftop guardrail systems, superior fall protection

When choosing a working at height fall protection solution, collective protection such as roof guardrails must be considered first. Rooftop guardrails ensure that all users are protected from falls without the need for specialised training and equipment; they also eliminate the need for rescue procedures to be put in place.

Collective protection, such as Kee Guard, is the primary choice when protecting people working at height for three simple reasons:

  1. Does not require ongoing training
  2. Does not require employees to wear custom-fit PPE
  3. Eliminates the need for complicated rescue plans and procedures

Flexible Solutions for your specific roof

Kee Guard rooftop guardrail is a modular and non-penetrating form of collective fall protection. This modular system can accommodate complex rooftop obstacles. Modularity also means that installation and reconfiguration is simple and quick.

Kee Guard rooftop guardrail is suitable for use on a range of roof types including concrete, asphalt and PVC membrane.


KeeGuard rooftop railings
Powder coated edge protection blends in with surrounding buildings

Edge protection without compromise

This rooftop guardrail solution has been developed to suit Irish work at height requirements and can be installed with minimal impact to the aesthetics of a building. Kee Guard’s limited space option caters for rooftops with smaller profiles, while our folding version provides discreet protection when aesthetics is a concern.

If you want the protection system to blend in with, or even stand out from your building or the surrounding environment, we can powder coat Kee Guard in virtually any colour.

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Why Use Kee Guard Edge Protection Handrail?

Flexible Design

The Kee Guard range can fit virtually any shape and size of roof and can easily cope with obstacles or changes in level.

Free Standing Solution

Non-penetrating systems which overcomes the possibility of costly leaks and maintains your roof warranty.

Approved Compliance

Kee Guard has been tested to meet current industry standards including EN 13374 Class A, EN ISO 14122, EN 1991-1-4 and BS 6399: Part 2.

Options to Suit Your Roof

60 Second Overview of Kee Guard Rooftop Railing

A few examples of how Kee Guard can be used

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KeeGuard Rooftop Guardrail Brochure

Range of KeeGuard edge protection solutions for rooftops

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