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Our bespoke solution provides safe access over a series of roofs

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Safe roof maintenance at Ballymena Hospital

Working with O-Hare McGovern we designed and installed a safe access route across a series of standing seam monipitch roofs at Ballymena Health Centre in Co. Antrim.

What we installed

A total of 380m of stepped and traverse Kee Walk rooftop walkway and 10 bespoke ships ladders have been installed to allow safe access and maintenance across the roofs.

The main part of the project features our Kee Walk rooftop walkway system.  As Kee Walk is a flexible, modular system we were able to design a solution that could cope with the different slope angles across the roofs.

“The challenge was to provide systems that were discreet and effective, with minimal roof and flashing penetrations, and that’s just what we delivered, with concealed walkways and platforms that are not visually imposing from the roadside.”

Eoin Ryan, Skyway Design Engineer


Safe roof access at Ballymena Health Centre
rooftop safety system Safe roof access provided by Skyway for Ballymena Health Centre

How the solution protects users

The full system included traverse walkways and stepped sections for ascending each roof.  Initial access to the roof area was made possible by way of a PivotLoc ladder, which allows the user to connect via their PPE.

“When the roof is ascended, the operative is in a safe location away from the roof edge when they disconnect. The Kee Walk walkway then enables safe traverse to the necessary roof locations.

The ships ladder (complete with handrail and ladder platform) allows safe access across each individual roof pitch, where it is met by the stepped walkway which leads down the roof’s pitch to the traverse walkway.”  Eoin Ryan




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Pre and Post Installation

Installing the safe access solution
Kee Walk rooftop walkway system at Ballymena Health Centre

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Project Details Overview


Ballymena Health Centre, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland


O’Hare McGovern


Provide a Designated Safe Access Route to a Series of Standing Seam Monopitch Roofs

Systems installed:

380m stepped and traverse Kee Walk rooftop walkway
10 Ships Ladders

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