Keeping Cool on Factory Walkway Safety Platforms

Keeping you cool when working at height is easier with professional walking safety platforms and the right safety products.

Hundreds of fatal accidents occur when working overheard on rooftops and working platforms. A company that understands the hazards of working at height are one of the UK’s biggest air conditioning companies:

We recently worked with a leading air conditioning company to provide solutions for their Walkway Safety Platforms throughout their busy factory. The unusual layout of the walkway meant a bespoke safety solution was needed to ensure their workers were fully supported during regular inspection and maintenance work.

About The Client

The client was established over forty years ago and is now one of the UK’s leading air conditioning companies.

Their specialist team of engineers and project managers provides tailored air conditioning solutions to customers across the UK.

The client delivers a range of commercial air conditioning solutions for various organisations. From football stadiums to shopping centres, offices to hotels, Data Centres to computer rooms.

Access Platforms Brief

A leading air conditioning company approached Skyway to create a bespoke safety platform which would allow access between walkways at high points throughout their factory.

Access was required at 2 points along a mezzanine, and an L-shaped edge along the walkway ensured nothing could be kicked down where employees would be underneath.

Safety Platforms Solution

For our factory walking safety platform, we agreed to install the KeeGuard freestanding guardrail and collective protection system for its flexibility, easy installation, and excellent walkway safety without additional training or rescue plans.
Skyway’s installation team quickly and easily installed the system, meaning the installation was cost-effective and had little impact on factory productivity.
The system included two Kee Gates to ensure a complete safety platform system. They were installed for safe access points close behind the user as they passed through the system, providing a closed perimeter barrier.

Our innovative self-closing safety gates are adjustable and robust and include an aluminium toe board. Benefits include:

·      Suitable for openings up to 1m wide for the single gate and 2 x 0.9m for the double gate.

·      Easily cut to size on site.

·      The total height gates for ladders are 1m wide and 1.1m high

·      All safety gates are available in galvanised steel finish or yellow powder coated.

KEE GATE product range also includes pallet width gates which allow safe working for employees on a mezzanine or raised working surface.

All our access products range includes safety platforms that are compliant with strict UK regulations, and we offer inspection and certification to meet all standards of health and safety.

Products Used