Rooftop collective protection at a luxury hotel

We recently installed a rooftop guardrail system at a top luxury hotel resort.

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Rooftop collective protection for a top luxury hotel resort

The client wanted to have collective roof edge protection on each surface, despite having an existing cable system in place. The roofs each contained plenty of room for our KeeGuard system around their perimeter and installation would be quick and easy.

KeeGuard can be quickly and effortlessly installed by our installation team, with the minimum of fuss. This is crucial for projects such as hotels, schools and shopping centres, where noise and disruption needs to be kept to an absolute minimum.

What we installed

Our Sales and Design team worked directly with the maintenance manager of the hotel in order to plan out the most suitable solution. The entire project included approximately 700 metres of KeeGuard guardrail, along with 5 Kee Gates to protect the various access points.

Kee Gates are self-closing safety gates that close automatically behind the user. This ensures that there is never an open void within the guardrail system.


How the solution protects users

Having a guardrail around the roof edge would allow for safer access to equipment in the future, without the need for safety training and the necessity to apply PPE during each visit.

Freestanding guardrail provides collective protection and ensures that the entire roof surface can be enclosed, with no edges exposed. The counterbalanced nature of the KeeGuard guardrail system ensures that the roof membrane does not have to be penetrated, as the weighted legs of the guardrail will hold it firmly in position.


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